Located in the heart of the Cognac region, the Cognac DUQUAI is Philippe Braastad Tiffon’s work.

Hedonists, in love with things and good products, Philippe has created the perfect balance gathering the greatest eaux de vie in the region. Coming from the great families of Cognac, it’s in the family house in Jarnac, lulled by the light of the Charente river that Philippe and his team strive with passion and experience.

Our aim in life is to offer to consumers an assemblage original, harmonious, rich in flavors and perfumes identifying directly the Cognac DUQUAI as a high quality cognac.

The history

Sverre Braastad, the grandfather of Philip, of Norwegian nationality came in Charente (Cognac), where he developed the cognac house Tiffon Mederic and flourished on the northern European markets.

His family is linked to the reputation of Delamain and Boutelleau, and also to Courvoisier.

For more than 25 years, Philippe Braastad – Tiffon worked in the family business. He also helped launch the brand Braastad (which is now the 2nd most consumed brand in Norway)

Philippe Braastad Tiffon, following this, decided to create his own company, Cognac DUQUAI whose Philippe is the only shareholder in 1999.