Fleur Cognac is made from an XO Cognac. It is the oldest Cognac, which has aged for at least 11 years.  All the alcohol contained in the liquor is due to Cognac. Distilled at 70%, it took years of aging in oak barrels to reduce it without brutality up to 50% to work the liquor before going down to 20% to taste it.

It is this aging in “red cask” that gives this little woody note, very refined to marry ideally with orange syrup. This one, long macerated to develop natural aromas, is added by the cellar master when he estimates his assembly at the right maturity. This mixture is left to rest for at least 3 months in order to mix the flavors, and to allow the oxygen of the cellar to play matchmakers between molecules. A love story that will continue in the bottle.