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DEAU Cognac

Vintage 1999

Fantastic powerful Cognac with a long finish. Vintage 1999 bottled on 26/04/2018 with an alcohol percentage of 47% Fins Bois? minimal tones of something smoky. maybe a little cigar box, cedar wood. Fruit and vanilla. There is much to discover. Due to the high alcohol percentage, the taste remains on the tongue long after tingling.

Frapin Multimillesime n°7

1989 – 1991 – 1993

A Grande Champagne Cognac, made of 3 different vintages. On the first nose you notice that it smells different from the other Frapins. While Frapin has a very distinctive scent. Very nicely soft on the tongue. apricot and orange with not too much vanilla. Much more fruit than flowers. A Cognac with many summer flavors. In the end you can taste the famous Frapin tone more. A little bit of wood and a long finish. A real must have. Surprised by the soft fruit tones and the beautiful finish! I am now very curious about the vinatge 1993 that will have provided the orange and citrus tones in addition to the 1991 i guess.

Only 1565 bottles made. 40,8%

Jean-Luc Pasquet


A blend from the old stock of Jean-Luc Pasquet from 1991 to 2000. Only 500 bottles were made and each numbered. 45.6% alcohol and a real Grande Champagne Cognac in both the nose and in the mouth. In the nose it comes across more heavily, really give the Cognac a moment to breathe. On the palate it is still a full powerful Cognac with Rancio and herbs, honey. A powerhouse with a medium finish, wood, figs and almonds, in the end it becomes softer, softer and softer. The Cognac ends very nicely.